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C o u r s e s   O f f e r e d

Wilderness First Responder Course – WFR
This is an 80 hour course, usually taught over 8 days. This is an intensive course that teaches students how to asses, manage, treat, and evacuate medical emergencies in a wilderness environment. Students learn anatomy, physiology, and they learn to understand the mechanism of injury and illness, so that they can correctly and skillfully deal with any medical problem that may arise in a backcountry setting. The emphasis of this class is on comprehension, not memorization. Approximately half of the class time is spent perfecting hands on practice through scenarios and skill stations. Most students come out of this class saying it was the best class they have ever taken. Health care provider CPR is included in this class. Wilderness First Responder is generally considered the industry standard for outdoor professionals, and is required for most trip leaders on wilderness trips. 

Wilderness Refresher Class – WRC
This 24 hour class can be used to refresh WFR, WFA, WAFA, and the W portion of W-EMT.  A current card is required to sign up for this class. The refresher class includes health care provider CPR. This course is run mainly through a series of scenario based practice sessions with some lecture and discussion review. Both CPR and Refresher cards are vaild for three years.  

Wilderness Advanced First Aid - WAFA
This 40 hour class is designed for students who do not have the time or the need to take a full WFR class, but still want to learn the fundamentals of outdoor emergency care. Students will learn and practice the basics of assessment, treatment, and evacuation of an injured patient in a backcountry setting. Emphasis in this class is on understanding, not memorization. A large portion of this class is spent outside practicing hands on skills. This class includes health care provider CPR. This course is accepted by many outfitters as adequate medical training for guides. Both CPR and WAFA cards are valid for three years.  

Wilderness First Aid – WFA
This 20 hour course is the shortest class available in wilderness medicine. It is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts or those thinking about working in the outdoors, who do not have time to take the WAFA or WFR classes. Students will learn the basics of outdoor emergency care. This class includes CPR. 

WAFA Bridge to a WFR
Many students already have the WAFA certification and wish to upgrade that certification to a WFR without having to take an entire WFR class. Remote Rescue has created this class for those students. By participating in this 4 day class, students will cover the more advanced material that WFR’s learn and also review, refresh, and build upon their WAFA skills. This class is rarely offered by other companies. As WFR becomes the preferred standard of care and more and more guides want to upgrade their training this course has actually become one of our most popular. This class generally includes health care provider CPR. 

All levels of CPR training are available.