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T e s t i m o n i a l   

"Thanks again for such a terrific job teaching us! I have had tons of great feedback and no constructive input at all, which in itself is highly complimentary from guides!"
            --Trent Keller, Western River Expeditions

"Thanks for the thorough explanations to all the questions we asked you Shoshanna! Your intimate understanding of what commercial guides face on the river was very beneficial to the class.  Thank you for tailoring the refresher course to fit our needs."
            --Latimer Smith, Kanab UT

"Thank you for the best WFA class I have had.  Lots of good info." 
            --Roger M.

"Shoshanna cuts to the chase, keeping everyone on task while still making the experience fun! She condenses the subject matter to allow for an amazing learning experience. For years we have held Shoshanna in high regard. Her expertise, flexibility and dedication continue to be top the talk amongst the boating community! We will certainly be back for re-certification in another three years. Thank you!"
             --Scott Davis, Ceiba Adventures, Flagstaff, AZ